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Erosion-corrosion studies in slurry pipelines

J . Postlethwaite

Erosion-corrosion studies in slurry pipelines

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Published by Saskatchewan Research Council .
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Statementby J. Postlethwaite, E. B. Tinker.
SeriesExperimental studies on solids pipelining of Canadian commodities. Reports -- no. 8
ContributionsTinker, E B.
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@article{osti_, title = {Erosion corrosion of nickel aluminum bronze in flowing seawater}, author = {Ault, J P}, abstractNote = {Erosion corrosion is an important consideration in the design of systems in which materials are exposed to nonuniform fluid flow. There have been inconsistent experiences with the relationship of seawater flow rates and wastage of copper alloys.   Another commonly considered material is a sand/cement slurry, however, foam concrete has proven to have significant advantages: More flowable and will fill the pipe or structure more completely. Can be placed with lower pumping pressures which reduces risk of damage to pipe . Case Study: Raw Water Supply Line, ILI Inspection Using RFT Tool. The RFT Technique and its Application for Steel Pipelines A. Shatat, PICA Corp. Y. Yu, PhD, PICA Corp. T. Jacula, Canadian National Resources Ltd. The RFT Technique and its Application for Steel Pipes: Inspecting HDPE Lined Pipe. 2) Erosion can be caused by gas borne catalyst particles or by particles carried by a liquid such as a slurry. In refineries, this form of damage occurs as a result of catalyst movement in FCC reactor/regenerator systems in catalyst handling equipment (valves, cyclones, piping, reactors) and slurry piping (Figure ); coke handling equipment in both delayed and fluidized bed cokers (Figure .

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Erosion-corrosion studies in slurry pipelines by J . Postlethwaite Download PDF EPUB FB2

Slurry transportation using long pipelines is a cost-effective means of transporting solids. A numerical study is performed to determine erosion wear of straight pipe due to the presence of.

Effects of the dissolved oxygen and slurry velocity on erosion–corrosion of carbon steel in aqueous slurries with carbon dioxide and silica sand.

Abstract. Carbon dioxide corrosion is one of the important degradation mechanism for carbon steel pipelines in the oil sands, oil and gas by: The most common erosion Erosion-corrosion studies in slurry pipelines book generally is the scratching or grooving of the pipe by the slurry particles.

An erosion‐corrosion study in pilot plant slurry transportation in pipeline carrying wide range of water borne solids such as coal, iron ore and sand have shown that the presence of solids increases the chemical corrosion rate, apart from any accompanying : B.C.

Swain, M.R. Panigrahi, S.K. Debroy, J.S. Murty, K.G. Mishra, P.S. Mitra, K.R. Natrajan. Erosion-Corrosion in Slurry Service by Stefano Chiovelli Syncrude Canada Ltd Outline Introduction What is Erosion-Corrosion Case Study Conclusions Mining Scheme Comparison Dragline Bucketwheel Conveyor Dump Pocket Hot Water Extraction Shovel/Truck Feeder/crusher Cyclofeeder Low Energy Extraction Slurry Pipeline The results of erosion-corrosion testing in pilot plant slurry pipelines are related to the behaviour of operating slurry pipelines and the control of erosion-corrosion in such systems by use of.

Internal corrosion of slurry pipelines caused by microbial corrosion: In the example mentioned above, the pipeline owner used the conventional non-destructive testing (NDT) methodology to replace any pipe lengths that showed a wall thickness below 4 mm. When a sample of pipe lengths was tested with the LRUT technique, 28% of the pipe.

Erosion and Erosion-Corrosion Mechanisms. The PIP–24 and FLEX systems are designed to measure the wall thickness of hydro-transport, slurry and tailings pipelines. These provide the necessary data to help plan maintenance, trend wear rates over time and help determine how far to rotate pipelines.

such as erodent size, erodent concentration, flow velocity and test solutions were varied to study their effect on erosion–corrosion.

SEM analysis showed that a similar erosion–corrosion mechanism is seen indication of actual erosion–corrosion rates in slurry pipelines but is seldom used due to the high cost of construction, maintenanceFile Size: 1MB.

GUIDELINES ON SAND EROSION AND EROSION-CORROSION MANAGEMENT First edition June Published by Energy Institute, London The Energy Institute is a professional membership body incorporated by Royal Charter Registered charity number EROSION-CORROSION IN OIL AND GAS PRODUCTION 21 corrosion is among the most failure mechanisms of downhole components [11].

The entire downhole tubing string is exposed to erosion-corrosion, but points if radical flow diversion or construction such as pumps, downhole screens, chokes, and subsurface safety valves are particularly at risk [12, 13].File Size: KB.

Erosion Corrosion. Erosion–corrosion is a subject within the broader area of tribocorrosion which covers all aspects of tribologically (mainly mechanically) induced interactions with electrochemical processes.

From: Wear, Related terms: Corrosion; Pitting Corrosion; Stress Corrosion Cracking; Cavitation; Oxide; Corrosion Resistance; Slurry. Abstract. The aim of this study is to develop a combined mathematical and computational fluid dynamics based model for the prediction of erosion–corrosion rates in fluid transport pipelines which is one of the critical problems that every productive industry may encountered by: 1.

In oil and gas pipelines, the erodent can be various produced particles or liquid drops entrained in a gas carrier fluid. Because of the importance of solid particle erosion to understanding erosion‐corrosion, this chapter focuses on the factors influencing solid particle erosion and Cited by: 2.

* Materials selection for abrasion and erosion-corrosion * Detailed design of slurry pumps * Slurry solutions to the siltation of large dams * Feasibility study for hydrotransport.

This is truly a reference any slurry system engineer would want on their shelf and at their by: The corrosion types of buried steel pipelines were summarized from two aspects of internal corrosion and external corrosion; the main detection technology for internal and external corrosion was introduced; and the protective measures for corrosion and corrosion of buried steel pipelines were presented.

The study of corrosion protection for buried steel pipeline provided the basis for the Author: Xiaoxu Chen, Yang Zhao.

Pipelines are the most flexible, economic, and convenient way for oil and gas transportation. Material degradation by slurry erosion is a common feature in oil transmission pipeline. In the present work, slurry erosion of AISIAISIAPI X42, and API X70 steels is investigated in terms of slurry velocity and target material Cited by:   Abstract.

The synergism between erosion and corrosion of stainless steels (SS) in wt% sodium chloride (NaCl) + N sulfuric acid (H 2 SO 4) + 30 wt% aluminum oxide (Al 2 O 3) dual-phase fluid has been studied by means of a rotating cylinder electrode erosion/erosion-corrosion behavior of several SS, 1Cr13 (ferritic), Type L (austenitic [UNS S]), 0Cr14Ni5Mo Cited by: Corrosion Books.

The following books are most often consulted by our Doctors. Except for the first SIX books, for which the Corrosion Doctors have a very special bias, these books are listed in alphabetical order.

If you are interested in listing a new publication, please contact our Corrosion Engineering: Principles and Practice. received without risk of becoming stuck. Slurry pipelines may have multiple Tees, Y pieces or other fittings through which pigs must transit safely.

The potential consequences of a stuck pig in a slurry pipeline must be fully assessed and understood. Response plans File Size: KB.

The present work presents an experimental characterization of the erosion-corrosion phenomena caused by confined slurry seawater flow. A set of experiments were conducted under a carefully controlled environment to estimate the erosion-corrosion severity in a 90° pipe bend.

Sand particle concentration ranged from 0 to 9 g/l. Accurate spectrometric measurements of eroded iron Cited by: 4. Jet-in-Slit and Vibratory Methods for Slurry Erosion-Corrosion Tests of Materials—Y.

OKA, M. MATSUMURA, M. YAMAWAKI, AND M. SAKAI The SAR Number for Slurry Abrasion Resistance—J. MILLER Discussion TEST METHODS A New Flow-Through Slurry Erosion Wear Test—B. MADSEN AND R. BLICKENSDERFER Discussion File Size: KB.

1. Introduction. Erosion-corrosion of slurry consisting of corrosive medium with solid particles is a common problem in many engineering fields such as metallurgy, power plant, mining, and chemical industry, and it is recognized as the major reason for the damage of the flow components, e.g., impeller of pump, pipeline, elbow, and choke (valve/nozzle) [1,2,3,4].Cited by: 3.

sized PE pipelines, to be used for close fit lining of a 30 and 32 inch steel slurry transportation and return water pipeline.

Since close fit lining techniques can cause damage to the external surface of the pipe HSCR BorSafe™ HELS-H material was recommended to The solution ensure that the pipe would provide the expected Size: 1MB. Synergistic effect between corrosion and wear has been widely recognized in many tribo-corrosion systems.

In most wet application conditions, dissolved oxygen (DO) is a controlling factor to the dynamics of corrosion process and is therefore expected to have significant impact on the tribo-corrosion performance of materials.

In this study, the effect of DO (0–24 ppm) on erosion–corrosion Cited by: 5. Erosion. Erosion corrosion is an acceleration in the rate of corrosion attack in metal due to the relative motion of a corrosive fluid and a metal surface. The increased turbulence caused by pitting on the internal surfaces of a tube can result in rapidly increasing erosion rates and eventually a leak.

Erosion-corrosion. This is caused by the flowing movement between a corrosive fluid and a metal surface. This process leads to the formation of groove valleys, wavy surfaces and holes. Each form of this type of corrosion will have a directional appearance on the metal surface that will mimic that of the fluid.

Slurry pipelines offer an economic advantage over railroad transport and much less noise disturbance to the environment, particularly when mines are in extremely remote areas. Pipelines must be suitably engineered to resist abrasion from the solids as well as corrosion from the soil.

Provides corrosion basics in a lucid manner to students and working professionals and over 80 corrosion-failure analysis case studies Correlates Failure Analysis with Corrosion Science Exclusively provides corrosion-related failure analysis case histories in one place in a convenient format One-stop shop for both science and real time occurrence of the phenomenon of corrosion Full coverage of.

The erosion–corrosion (EC) and pure erosion of commercially pure titanium have been investigated in a % sodium chloride solution contain 30, and 60 g/l SiO 2 particles with an average size of μm.

The tests were performed at impact velocities of 4, 6, and 9 m/s under two impact angles of 40 deg and 90 deg. Polarization technique was used to study corrosion behavior of the Author: N. Khayatan, Hamid M. Ghasemi, M. Abedini. Slurry piping system, like nay other system, consists of slurry pumps, pipelines and valves.

Special considerations relevant to this systems are introduced by the fact that slurry in not homogeneous phase (unlike gas or liquid).

Introduction. Tubing and casing in oil fields are subjected to the erosion–corrosion of high-velocity two-phase flow during fracturing (for a detailed description of fracturing technology, readers are referred to Ref. []), which decreases the strength of pipe walls and causes leakage n damage usually refers to the phenomenon where solid particles are carried by a liquid or Cited by: 2.

Qualitative Assessment of Corrosion Rate in Oilsands Slurry Pipeline. Corrosion rates in model oil sands coarse tailing slurries were investigated using a linear polarization resistance probe. Pilot-scale horizontal slurry flow loop of either unimodal (sand) or bimodal (sand and rocks) solid particles distribution mixed with municipal water.

Erosion-corrosion is a combined chemo-mechanical mode of overestimates pipe sizes–15 The present work provides a review of literature on the origins of the API RP 14E erosional velocity equation, its applications, misuses, and limitations. With solids Determine from specific application studiesFile Size: KB.

Introduction. A slurry pipeline is used in mining to transport mineral concentrate from a mineral processing plant near a mine. A practice used to prevent corrosion in buried slurry pipelines is the hibernation of pipelines with an aqueous solution, usually of river water, containing corrosion inhibitors and biocides, before beginning the mining by: 2.

@article{osti_, title = {Determination of Erosion/Corrosion Rates in Hanford Tank Farms Radioactive Waste Transfer System Pipelines}, author = {Washenfelder, D.

and Girardot, C. and Wilson, E. and Page, J. and Engeman, J. and Gunter, J. and Johnson, J. and Baide, D. and Cooke, G. and Larson, J. and Castleberry, J. and Boomer, K. D.}, abstractNote = {The.

Erosion corrosion is a degradation of material surface due to mechanical action, often by impinging liquid, abrasion by a slurry, particles suspended in fast flowing liquid or gas, bubbles or droplets, cavitation, mechanism can be described as follows: mechanical erosion of the material, or protective (or passive) oxide layer on its surface.

In this research, a simple experimental apparatus based on a bipolar electrode (BPE) configuration was set up, in order to tackle erosion-corrosion problems of materials of interest in the oil and gas field. As a case study, the resistance to erosion and corrosion of carbon steel samples coated by Electroless Nickel Plating and by thermo-sprayed coating with the high velocity oxy fuel (HVOF.

Erosion–corrosion in flow changing devices as a result of sand transportation is a serious concern in the hydrocarbon and mineral processing industry. In this work, the flow accelerated erosion–corrosion mechanism of 90°, 60°, and 30° long radius horizontal–horizontal (H–H) carbon steel elbows with an inner diameter of mm were investigated in an experimental closed-flow : Rehan Khan, Hamdan H.

Ya, William Pao, Armaghan Khan. Watch the step-by-step demo of using ANSYS CFD Technology to accurately predict the impact of sand erosion on in a pipe carrying a multiphase. Factors mitigating erosion-corrosion which are under the control of the plant owner are the pH(> is best), oxygen content (50ppb), and pipe material (a Cr-1Mo steel is very resistant to single-phase erosion-corrosion while austenitics are resistant to wet steam).

The author also delves into the specific aspects of the design of slurry pumps, the selection of materials for wear resistance. The book progresses with practical examples of operating slurry pipelines, appropriate codes and guidelines to conduct feasibility studies for slurry Price Range: $ - $Yang Y, Cheng YF.

Parametric effects on the erosion-corrosion rate and mechanism of carbon steel pipes in oil sands slurry. Wear ; – Yu B, Li DY. Effects of the dissolved oxygen and slurry velocity on erosion-corrosion of carbon steel in aqueous slurries with carbon dioxide and silica sand.

Wear ; –damage phenomena related to erosion-corrosion, in this paper we report on electrochemical studies carried out on two kinds of two-phase stainless steel ( and ), comparison test were performed with a traditional austenitic stainless steel (AISI ).

Two test rigs were employed in order to measure the erosion-corrosion effects of a slurry.